In this page you can find the in-person auditon dates for the 2023 - 2024 Season. If you have any questions, check out our AUDITION FAQ below or join our Mailing List to get the latest announcements about upcoming auditions. We also announce our auditions in our social media.



The World According to Snoopy

Wednesday, February 21st

Please check for your name below

Valley Youth Theatre's mission is to inspire young people to be the best they can be through a variety of performing arts opportunities.  All roles will be played by young people unless otherwise noted. Our performers are not charged fees to be in our shows. There are no ticket quotas, costume or script deposits, ad sales or financial requirements of any sort to be in our mainstage shows. 

Valley Youth Theatre welcomes all young people to audition. 

For more information and to pre-register, please scroll down


Thank you to all who auditioned! We had some great talent come visit us. If your name isn't below, please don't give up! Please look below to see what time and date you are called for a callback. Then, please look below the list for more details-

Called on Wednesday, at 5:00pm
Presley Bonnett
Mahagani Carter
Maggie Chandler
Charlise Darling
Ellie Evans
Va'Nessa Madden
Kaylah Magee
Brooklyn Martin
Parker Pitt
Zara Sego
Eva Sulka
Zeke Wooden

Called on Wednesday, at 6:15pm
Chase Carter
Luke Chester
Kylan Chait
Olivia Fearey
Brooklyn Martin
Sarissa Monroe
Parker Pitt
Sierra Ricks
Jaden Sparkman
Aidan Vidaurri

Congratulations to all who were called back! Please be prepared to sing, act, and move in this callback using material from the show which we will provide and teach to you. Please come in clothing and shoes you can move in and with long hair up. Doors will be open 15 minutes before your calltime for check-in. If you have any questions or concerns with making it to your callback, please contact Morgan at


The World According to Snoopy

Based on the comic strip “PEANUTS” by Charles M. Schulz
Original Book by Charles M. Schulz Creative associates, Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw, and Michael L. Grace
Music by Larry Grossman
Lyrics by Hal Hackady

Based on the beloved Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, The World According to Snoopy sparkles with wit and warmth as it illustrates life as seen through the eyes of Schulz's unforgettable characters. This fun musical sparkles with wit and warmth and contains over 15 toe-tapping tunes performed by Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock, and one loveable beagle!


All roles require strong singer/actors, with decent movement/dance abilities.

WOODSTOCK This is a non-speaking role, but the character uses lots of physical comedy incorporating acrobatics, gymnastics, mime and dance.


Approximate rehearsal dates can begin as early as the week of February 19 and run though March 28, 2024 , Monday through Thursday evenings and Saturdays. Before tech, evening rehearsals will be 4p - 10p; tech rehearsals will be potentially until midnight.  We understand that some students may have conflicts where they may miss rehearsals, must arrive late or leave early. However, cast members will not be able to miss rehearsals during tech week or the run of the show.

Tech rehearsals start March 30, 2024.
Opening night is Friday, April 5, 2024 and the show can run through April 28, 2024 with several weekday matinees for schools in addition to the traditional evening and weekend performances.


We will ask about the specific dates of your conflicts in the audition form. Again, cast members will not be able to have any conflicts between March 30 and April 25, 2024.


Dates and times of callbacks TBD

We hold callbacks at our theatre:

Valley Youth Theatre
525 North First Street
On the Southeast Corner of First Street & Fillmore in Downtown Phoenix

Please note: The VYT parking lot is not very big and has a tendency to fill up quickly. Please do not park in the area reserved for the staff or the parking space for Bobb Cooper. Do not park in the disabled parking spaces without proper identification even if lot is full. Public paid parking is available on the south west side of First & Fillmore and at meters surrounding the theatre. Please plan accordingly.


Please check the FAQ below which has answers to all of your audition questions.


Do I have to be a professional child actor to audition for a VYT show?
NO! VYT auditions are open to all young people of all skill levels. Young performers in our shows aren’t required to have any previous theatrical experience or formal training. We just strive to recognize each child’s potential and to match their talent and skill level with the needs of each role. That means, our open casting gives every child in the Valley an opportunity to participate in our shows!
How much money does it cost to be in a VYT show?
Zero. Nothing. Nada. You do not pay upfront to audition. VYT performers don’t have to rent or purchase costumes or scripts. There are no ticket or program ad sales requirements. We believe that money should not be a barrier to a transformative performing arts experience.
How old should I be to audition for a VYT show?
Typically, because they need to read and memorize lines, main stage performers are at least 7 and not more than 19 years old. Younger people aspiring to the stage are encouraged to consider our performing arts camps and classes. Sometimes, however, due to the nature of a production, there are age restrictions and those will be noted in the show's audition notice.
Do I have to audition? I've done a ton of shows.
Yes. You have to audition. You can audition online or in person, but the number of shows you have done does not matter. Everyone has to audition!
How do I audition for VYT?
First, check out our auditions page to see which show VYT will be auditioning for. Pay attention to the roles listed and the age suggestions if any. If you think you fit who we are looking for great! Second, you will see a link so you can pre-register for your audition. This means that you will fill out all of the important information we need before you come to the audition. If you pre-register, you don't have to take your time filling out all of the information in person. We will have it printed out for you. You don't have to pre-register, of course, but it will save you some time.Third, come to the audition! We audition in-person on the dates listed on the audition notice. Our auditions usually start at 4pm and we open our doors early so people who did not pre-register have time to fill out their information.
What if I can't make it at 4pm when the auditions start?
If you are there when doors open, you will be in one of the first groups to audition (sometimes people will line up outside the building before the doors open). If you come after 4:00pm, you will be in one of the later groups to audition. We have no guarantee we can get you out by a certain time, so if you need be somewhere in the evening, please arrive early so we can get to you as soon as possible. We stay at the building until we have seen everyone that has arrived at the audition. This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to see everyone depending on how many people show up. Please understand that if you arrive later than 4:00pm, there is a possibility that we have seen everyone and auditions will be closed for the day. However, if we are still seeing people, you are welcome to check-in and audition!
How long will the audition take?
Well, the short answer is it depends. Auditions are done on a first come first seen basis. We open the doors at 3:30 pm on audition day and start auditions at 4 pm. The auditioners are taken into the audition room in small groups where they audition. Each group can take between 5 - 10 minutes. One you are finished auditioning, you are finished. The callback list will be posted on the auditions page of our website. 
What is pre-registering?
Pre-registering is a way that you can fill out all of the information we need before you get to your audition. We will then print out your audition form and have it for you at the theatre when you check in. You will still need to bring your headshot with you to the audition, but you won't have any paperwork to fill out. 
What do I need to prepare for an audition?
First of all, it's really important to look at the audition information to see if there is anything specific you are asked to prepare for that audition. Make sure you follow the guidelines in the audition info.
Otherwise, here's what we suggest you have in order to make your audition run as smoothly as possible: 1) A headshot. It doesn't have to be professional. Just a good photo that looks like you! you can take it with a camera phone if you'd like. Make sure it is relatively close up and you have good lighting so we can see your face. 2) An acting or theatre resume. You don't have to have a fancy one (although you certainly can). We just want to know what you have done performance-wise and in a theatre. If you worked on the stage crew, put that in there too! 3) (If you are auditioning for a musical or a play) A short monologue that is appropriate for you and the character you are auditioning for. 4) (If you are auditioning for a musical) A song that will show off your voice and is appropriate for you and the character you are auditioning for. We preferthat you bring sheet music with you as we will have an accompanist, but you can also bring a background track you can play from your phone. 5) A list of conflicts you will have with the rehearsal schedule. This is super important to be honest with us and yourself if you can not make it to a rehearsal. We need to know. Theatre is collaborative and we can not move forward together if people are missing. Please let us know your conflicts when you audition.
How long should the song be?
Good question. The answer is: as long as it needs to be for you to feel that you have shown us how amazing you are! Chances are that's around :30 to :45 seconds or so, but it may be longer or shorter. The Director may stop you while you are singing, but that's ok. Just get to "the good part" quickly so you can show off your skills!
Where are the auditions? And where do we park?
Valley Youth Theatre:  525 North First Street On the Southeast Corner of First Street & Fillmore, in Downtown Phoenix. Please note: The VYT parking lot is not very big and has a tendency to fill up quickly. Please do not park in the area reserved for the staff or the parking space for Bobb Cooper. Do not park in the disabled parking spaces without proper identification even if lot is full. Public paid parking is available on the south west side of First & Fillmore and at meters surrounding the theatre. Please plan accordingly.
I can not come to the auditions. What do I do?
Auditions for VYT shows are really best done in person. We get to meet you, you get to meet us and it lets the Director see you at your best! On the rare occasion that a young person truly can not attend any of the scheduled auditions, please contact our Production Manager, Jonathan Furedy, at and let him know of your conflict. If there is an available solution, he will let you know.
What are your COVID safety protocols?
We are currently encouraging but not requiring masks to be worn at our theatre. However, we do reserve the right to change our protocols as the situation changes.
What happens after auditions?
The next step is called "Callbacks". Callbacks are when a certain number of performers are asked to come to the theatre in-person to continue the audition process. The list of callbacks will be listed on the auditions page of the website. Look for your name and the day and time you will need to come to the theatre. Again, it is important to be prepared! So come dressed to move -- no sandals or skirts -- and bring water to remain hydrated and energized! Usually during callbacks, you will be put into small groups, you will be asked to read scenes, sing and possibly learn a dance. You may be asked to read for a couple of different parts. Each callback experience is different! 
Why didn't I get cast or called back? Was I that bad?
No! This is part of being an actor. Sometimes you get the part and sometimes you don't. Auditioning is a matching process and sometimes your talents aren't a match for what is needed for that specific production. That doesn't mean your talents aren't needed in the future! Rejection isn't great, but it's a big part of being an actor. Not getting cast in a VYT performance doesn't mean "no", it just means "not for this specific show". So don't give up! Remember: Auditioning takes practice, too! The more you audition, the more comfortable you will be, and the more you will learn. Besides, there are a ton of ways to be involved other than just being on stage. We also need young people for our tech crew, our orchestra and other behind-the-scenes positions. If you are interested in working behind the scenes, contact the stage manager at
What are the expectations if I am cast in a VYT show?
We have to be honest, being in a VYT show is a time commitment. That's what makes our shows so great. When you are cast in the show, we expect you to have fun and try your best. We also expect you to treat the show as the professional show it will be. That means attending all scheduled rehearsals, memorizing lines and blocking and being attentive when the Director, Stage Manager, Musical Director, Choreographer or any other person is talking. We expect honesty and responsibility and will show that respect right back to you. Rehearsals are generally Monday through Thursday evenings and most of the day on Saturdays, beginning as early as the week of callbacks. The weekend before the show opens is the beginning of tech week and Saturday and Sunday are 8- to 14-hour days, so it can be a lot. But it is also the most fun you will have! Because Valley Youth Theatre does not charge a fee for young people to participate in our mainstage productions, parents are required to volunteer by helping with set and costume construction, and front of house during the run of the show.

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